Essentials Replenishment Programs

You're looking at your watch and trying not to tap your foot so loudly. All you needed was some shower gel. After what seems like eternity, you're ready to check out. You get home and realize you need lotion too. UGH!! Fortunately for you, that scenario never has to play out again! We would love to take care of the little, yet oh so essential things. Subscribing to our replenishment programs makes staying Zen super easy!

  • No more wasting your time driving to/from the store, searching for your essentials, and standing in line
  • No more random candy bar purchases that you didn't need (you're welcome!)
  • You can choose your favorite items (customize for you and your family)
  • Delivery dates are flexible (still have plenty of shower gel, reschedule that item and receive the rest of your delivery!)
  • Reminder email before your delivery is due to ship (perfect in case you want to change something)
  • Real time tracking/alerts (if something is out of stock, when something ships, if there are any issues at all, we're here to help)
  • A dedicated login portal to manage your subscription at any time
  • Signup is easy, you do it when you shop :)

Staying Zen is easy when you take advantage of our replenishment program. Wouldn't you agree? Get started today!